Product Name:  1CH Dimmer Actuator(MOS)
 Order Code:  TEAD-01K4.1
 Issues time:  2010-12-28

Product Description



Product Name 





TEAD-01K4.1 Dimmer Actuator(MOS)


400W/CH 71x90x65mm 0.3kg
TEAD-02K4.1 Dimmer Actuator(MOS)


400W/CH 144x90x65mm  0.5kg
TEAD-04K4.1 Dimmer Actuator(MOS)


400W/CH 215x90x65mm 0.7kg








                                                    Product Parameter


AC power input: AC110V-250V
Operating voltage: 21-30V DC,made available by the bus
Current consumption: Max.10mA
Dimming output: 1-Fold
Output capacity: 400W per output

LED green means device working well;

LED red and push button for assigning physical address.     

Temperature range:

Operating: -10 ~ +45℃

Storage: -40 ~ +55℃

Transport: -25 ~ +70℃

Installation: Standard 35mm DIN mounting rail




















                                                     Product Function


Lagging edge technology,no noise,universal dimming

Manual operation for each channel with life LED indicator

Relative dimming function

Control intensity values of the light

State report,error report

Scene function,with overheat,overload surge protection 

Staircase lighting function with end indication 

Preset function,save preset function

Device can be restored to previous scene/designated after restore 

Low,high and max threshold available to suit different loads of 

   each channel

Standard KNX/EIB interface,can connect with any other EIB system

   devices directly 



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