Product Name:  EIB Power Supply
 Order Code:  TEMP-640.1
 Issues time:  2010-12-31

Product Description



Product Name 




TEPD-640.1 EIB power supply


144x90x65mm 0.5kg






                                                     Product Parameter


Power supply:

Input voltage: 195-255V AC, +10/-15%, 47-63Hz

Power loss: < 6W     Efficiency: 75%

Current consumption: < 45VA
Bus output: 1 line with integrated choke
Nominal voltage: 30V DC, +1/-2V, SELV
Auxiliary voltage output: 1 (without choke)
Auxiliary voltage:

30V DC, +1/-1V, SELV    

Nominal current:

Total of BUS and auxiliary voltage output: 640mA, short-circuit-proof


Green LED "ON": output voltage is OK;

Red LED "I>Imax": overload or short circuit;

Reset push button: reset at the KNX/EIB output (starts when the push button is pressed and lasts 22 seconds);

Red LED: Reset at the KNX/EIB output  

Type of protection:

IP 20, EN 60529

Temperature range: Operation: -10 ~ +45℃

Storage: -40 ~ +55℃

Transport: -25 ~ +70℃

Installation: Standard 35mm DIN mounting rail
Commissioning: Once the device has been correctly installed, then switch on the mains voltage, the green LED "ON", all other LEDs are switched off, the device is functioning correctly.



































                                                     Product Function


Power supply for the BUS devices




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